Editors: Marko Crnogorac & Fernanda Martínez

lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

Santiago Lago named OECD external collaborator

The Spanish Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (known in Spanish as AIReF) has chosen OECD to make a report that will analyze and evaluate its activities and organization from its very foundation. On this opportunity, Santiago Lago-Peñas, a professor at the University of Vigo and director of GEN was named as an external associate to the OECD. Besides him, OECD will include two members of its Directorate for Public Governance as well as members of other independent fiscal institutions.

OECD’s reference in this external evaluation will be the work of other Independent fiscal institutions in the EU countries. AIReF has invested 60.000 euros in this evaluation whose results should be presented by the 30th of November this year. These kind of external and independent evaluations are a well-established practice among public institutions and are, in fact, recommended by international organizations.

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Santiago Lago-Peñas will review the autonomous funding model

The Spanish Council of Ministers has established two Expert Commissions to review the models of funding the autonomous regions and local funding. The objective is to boost the updating process of the current funding systems.

Santiago Lago Peñas, director of the GEN Research Group, has been named member of the Expert Commission  that will review the autonomous funding model. He has been named by the Galician government as their representative in the matter.

The mission of both Expert Commissions will be to review and analyse both systems. Moreover, they will have the task to design two new models which should be based on the principles of solidarity, sufficiency, equity, transparency, fiscal responsibility and the guarantee of access to public services.