Editors: Marko Crnogorac & Fernanda Martínez

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Galician Sports Betting

In the collaboration with the Galician Football Association, GEN is launching the Galician Sports Betting. This pioneer initiative in Spain has the objective of creating new incomes for the Galician Football, boosting its image and improving the positioning of the local football clubs.

According to the estimations, this system will generate between 2.4 and 10.2 millions of euros in annual incomes.

The sports betting system will consist of a weekly bet on thirteen matches, a bet to an additional game (the jackpot system) and one more bet for the first nine games. Each betting slip will include nine matches of the Third Galician division, two games of the First Female Division and two games of the Regional Division. This initiative, which will combine a paper betting slip with the electronic betting, will commence trial from the season 2016/2017.

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